11 Notable Archaeological Sites in Pakistan

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Pakistan is home to several ancient civilization, some of them date back to 10,000 BC. Magnificence of ancient cultures and their way of living can still be observed in the ruins that can be found at many sites in the country. There are number of places in Pakistan that are of great interest to archaeologists who study how life once used to be in ancient times. There are several such historically important sites that are thousands of year old, some of the most prominent world heritage and archaeological sites in Pakistan are listed here.

1. Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo-daro means Mound of the Dead in Sindhi. Its ancient name is Kukkutarma. It is located in Larkana District of Sindh. Built in 3,000 BC, it used to be one of the largest cities of ancient Indus Valley Civilization a.k.a Harappan Civilization. Estimates of the area covered by the city range from 85 to 200 hectares. Dancing Girl, Priest-King, Seven-stranded Mohenjo-daro necklace are some of the oldest statues found here that date as back as 4,500 BC. The ruins of the city remained undocumented for over 3,700 years, until their discovery in 1922.
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