11 Things You Should Not Do in Front of your Siblings

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Being an elder brother or elder sister is a natural-privilege as well as a social-responsibility. You would see many elders dictating lessons of goodness to their younger, you would find those lessons failing because younger didn't take them seriously. You would see elders being extremely worried about their siblings at many stages in life and cursing media for ruining social values. And finally you would see elders just leaving their siblings on their own because what they say is always ignored. There are psychological reasons why what you say is not taken seriously. Why your polite words and courteous behavior doesn't work. The reason is that no matter how much efforts you make, how many religious verses you quote to stop others from unproductive activities, they wouldn't stop. Because what is being taught, is strongly connected, with one who is teaching, the character of that person and the social-words about that person. This article focuses on what elder siblings should avoid doing in presence of their younger sibling in order to deliver good values and become transition-person - a person who doesn't pass poor values into others. Basically this article is a fun thing, but if these points are taken not-for-grant and lessons behind them are considered seriously, it would create good in-house-values as well as would eventually benefit the society. Dont just read the headings, read the material within them too
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