15 Silly Things that Pakistani TV Ads Teach Us

Monday, September 15, 2014 - ,, No comments
Humor, catchy taglines, memorable jingles and iconic-type character etc are the most used factors to sell products. Pakistani marketers use these factors in their marketing tools more often and many times come with innovative campaigns using the same factors. Marketing team want that their ads effectively convey their message along with high recall rate that means customers can easily recall your brand name when they need a product of a category where your product falls. But here is a catch, there are some very common things that is founded in many ads.

1. You wouldn't get married until you are fair and shining

No matter how beautiful you are by character and it does not matter how much potential you have to be real successful in your life, no man would ever marry you if you aren't white enough. No, those gori-girls of west going to beaches to tan their skins is a lie.
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