Fish Found from Man's Belly

Fish found from man's belly
Fish found from man's belly

Fish found from man's belly
Insani pet se zinda machli

Brazil (HIT) stomach bugs then you must have heard about but never even heard that some fish were found in the stomach?
Brazil, a 39-year-old man had long complained of severe abdominal away lundryna for which he approached the city's University Hospital. Doctors said the operation is present in the intestines of a living thing will have a scoop.
If the person who operated the doctors were surprised that it was a fish of length more than 2 feet long the person was living in the intestines.
This oblong body with L see fish that looks like a snake, and that is why it is easier to live in the intestines of the person. Can be seen in the video released on the Internet, the doctor pulled him out of the patient's stomach while it was still burning Hill.
On this occasion, all the nurses were making cell phone video of this historic event.

When the patient came to know that out of the belly of the fish have been common on the internet. If the hospital has a complaint against the relevant departments and authorities have threatened to take action against.
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