Human Robot buil in London

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Human Robot buil in London
Human Robot buil in London

Human Robot buil in London
Human Robot buil in London
 London (News Desk) modern robots can not run, run and jump from game to assist humans in everyday tasks easier as it can all work.
  Just like humans in the sense that it was a lack ujzbat were not, but now it has been reduced completely.

London Emoshape the first British company has invented a robot that can understand human emotions, including grief and joy, and may even express them. Emospark named him and the eight basic emotions, anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, hope, faith and joy aggressive stance could understand the emotional processing unit (EPU) has developed a processor.
  Unlike normal computer can understand that sentiment.
And can also express.
Initially built in the shape of a cube dbyh.
Special camera to read the human face are planted.
If you love with this little robot speak or express anger, it also gives the appropriate response.
Practical demonstration when a scientist said to him, "I hate you," he replied, "I am trying to help you, do not be angry," says the head of the company aulyuyh zmrmyn more will be improved with facial expressions, so that it sounds better understand the volatility of the price of 315 dollars choose their import settings (approximately 31500 Pakistani rupees).

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